Monday, October 23, 2006

La Puissance du Soleil

The desire to embrace the sun, to feel its warmth penetrate and make translucent, its power to reveal the secret places of the soul. But not as Icarus, to become careless in exhilaration and take for granted the freedom of flight and the power of creation.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Le Samohtra Cache

Woven into the fabric of this painting is a mystery. Embedded in this 16" by 20" acrylic painting are subliminal images that suggest another world. Perhaps you can find enough of them to formulate the idea. In the next painting, Samohtra will attempt to capture the luminosity of the sun as it penetrates and impregnates the sunflower with light. Translucence in this painting is limited to a few areas perhaps to keep the mystery intact.

La Fleur du Soleil

Samohtra has always loved sunflowers , even before he became acquainted with Van Gogh's stunningly beautifull sunflower paintings. This painting attempts to capture its fading glory as it descends to the ground, pulled down by the ponderous weight of its head. Soon it will be crucified by the birds and squirrels that ravage and plunder for its many seeds. The acrylic painting on canvas measures 16" by 20", is the first in a series of paintings that attemt to reveal a passion for the flower of the sun.

Monday, October 16, 2006

El Kolupski Reconstitue

A dastardly deed! Part of the El Kolupsk drawings have mysteriously disappeared! Samohtra restores the original lower drawing of the previous blog in this blog with a much smaller file size. As a bonus another drawing of El Kolupski has been added.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Le Tournant

Another important part of the journey is finding the way through the myriad of choices that lie before us as we undertake our quest. Turning Point Park near the Boxart Atelier has within it an enclave of solitude where Samohtra finds rest for his sometimes weary soul. Twists and turns often rise up unexpectedly in life. This is the first step of a painting called "Turning Point" that seeks to portray the warp and woof of that thing called life.
Simplify or die. The nature of creation is such that without the distillation of its incredible complexity, our message would but quickly fade into confusion and obscurity. A future post will show the completion of this painting.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Demonstration libre

The Boxart Atelier generously provides a free
demonstration the first Saturday of every month to the public of an alla prima portrait. Watching the dynamic Kolupski paint will inspire and move you.
Trying to keep pace with him will tire you out. One can easily imagine El Kolupski, the matador, feinting, thrusting and ultimately bringing the great bull (painting) into submission to his will. If you are not afraid to take the plunge and accept the challenge you will be richly rewarded for your efforts. Direct painting requires intense concentration and a willingness to overlook the frustration that is part of the process.
Samohtra strongly endorses Chris Kolupski as a mentor to guide your artistic journey.
The upper sketch from life is an example of the many fine young ladies that model at the atelier. Chris has a knack for capturing the inner beauty of each of his subjects. Samohtra in these sketches has attempted to capture the dynamism and constant motion that goes into a Kolupski painting.
The lower sketch attempts to capture the intense mental process that accompanies the direct painting process. There is a constant interplay and switching between squinting and quick observation and the placement of the observed color.


The pilgrimage, the search for truth, begins at the atelier. One must have a teacher, whose work you admire, with an integrity that commands your respect. Such a mentor is Christian Kolupski of the Boxart Atelier. Chris is a devout practitioner of the alla prima direct painting method in the tradition of Sargent and Sorolla. He is an excellent teacher, a man of passion with a lusty stroke. This initial charcoal sketch for a painting measures 18" by 24".